Sunday, June 18, 2017

OxiClean works on criminals, too

I'd much rather be writing my book, but writing heals, so I will write. Briefly.

My sister is an idiot. If she's not an idiot, then she is a liar. She married her husband after three months of knowing him. "He completely changed his life around," is what she has been saying since the day they met. "He was a major drug dealer," she confesses. "He became a Christian and he's doing really well."

His criminal record dates back to 2008 and runs through 2014. Being 2017, he's had three years to reflect and repent and completely change his life around. In May from a public Facebook post, we learned firsthand from the husband that he was taken to court because he was behind on his fines. "5-99 yrs was heavy to hear," he recounted. But thankfully with the help of his church family, he was able to pay enough to go home with the legal requirement to pay the remainder of his fines in full within 30 days. "Enough to make your knees weak," he responded to a friend's reply about how much money he had left to pay.

The problem with criminal records is that they are just as public and easy to access as his Facebook post. Weapons charge, family violence charge, assault with bodily injury, multiple drug charges for possession and intent to deliver, and multiple charges of failure to appear/bail jumping and unable to maintain financial responsibility. He's a catch, I know. His history appears to be this: commit a crime, get arrested for the crime,  booked in jail for the crime, post bail, and go home. Soon after, he is arrested for the same crime, booked in jail for the same crime because he failed to pay fees and fines or completely not show up at a hearing. That itself is a crime, therefore lengthening his record.

Enter GoFundMe page. If you so choose, you can give money to the husband to help pay for the fines that are apparently unfair. My sister wrote about his story of being adopted to being a criminal to being redeemed and completely changing his life around. And she added this nugget of information to his story because the courts need to be exposed: "His probation is in a small county so they try to get all the money they can get." Criminals seem like a good place to start. If labeling the husband a "criminal" is bothersome to you, I politely say that this small podunk county that unrightfully goes after people for their monetary debts has been quite generous to the husband given he is a long-standing no show and no pay probationeer.

So what about this whole hot-mess lifestyle of my sister made me want to write a dedicated blog post about it? Full circle moment happening now:

An 8-year criminal record featuring weapons and drug felonies, family violence and burglary, and failure to appear/bail jumping is going to be wiped completely clean. My sister told me that all her repeat offender husband has to do is pay his fines in full and complete his 5-year deferred adjudication. He'll be clear by the time they move to Ohio in August. Wait, what?

Yes, Ohio. Sister and husband and her three daughters (he's not the father) are suddenly moving to Ohio. This comes one week after they suddenly moved out of their apartment with no place to go. Three days before my sister and her three young daughters had to be out of their apartment she tells me, "I told the lady at the new apartment complex we applied at upfront that we don't have good credit and my husband does not have the best background but he's completely changed his life around." That hopeful phrase doesn't offer much confidence to the other party in the legally binding contract you are entering. If a person cannot pay their electric bill or department store credit card or settle a payday loan and those debts rack up late fees and eventually get transferred to collection agencies….I think we all know the rest. So what is Ohio going to fix?

Husband is starting an associate degree program so he can be a pastor. We live in the Bible Belt and there are literally thousands of schools that offer two-year degrees for people who want to go into ministry. But there's something that Ohio can offer that this Bible Belt cannot, if going to this particular school is the catalyst for relocation. Let's investigate using the fail-proof method of Far-From-Fun Facts, also known as reality.

Current location
Unable to afford your apartment and having to move out hastily
Selling all of your furniture and only keeping the necessities which includes a new truck to compliment your Escalade
Becoming homeless because your criminal history and bad credit makes you repulsive to owners of rental properties
Getting so behind on your court fines that police bring you in front of the judge who gives you a 30-day window to pay an amount of money so large that it would make a person's knees weak or your going to prison for 5-99 yrs
Starting a GoFundMe page (which raised $70 BTW) to pay off your debts you've acquired over the past 8 years committing felonies

1,218.7 miles away
Going to school full-time so you can minister about how God has helped you completely change your life around

OxiClean and Shamwow! that shit, then Pinocchio your way to Ohio.

I've got no strings so I have fun
I'm not tied up to anyone
How I love my liberty,
There are no strings on me!
No ties to bind me,
It's not easy to find me,
'Cause I've got no strings on me!

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