Monday, January 11, 2016

What does my best life look like?

What does my best life look like?

Tanning every day. I know, that’s actually not good for you, but at this time in my life, I like to be tan. This may change, but for now, whether it’s fake bake or fake spray, I’m doing it.

Working out every day. Now this is really good for you, but takes the most willpower for me. It also makes me feel like I’m floating on a cloud with lots of lightening energy! So why don’t I do it every day? The same reason I’m pale.

Which is….

Two things: 1) Laziness 2) Self-sabotage

Do you know I had two honeybuns today? TWO! One is terrible enough for you, and I had two. Double sabotage.

Putting away the Christmas tree. This can be any day after the 25th and as close to the 1st of the new year. This year, my best life includes me putting away the Christmas tree after I finish talking to you. Like immediately after.

Cleaning out the closet. Eminem-style. In the library, our beautiful library in the making, is filled with frames, paint, boxes and crafting supplies, all for the frames I make (around 45 and counting). In order to clean the closet, I have to pick up the floor. Husband has mentioned said closet a handful of times, and I promised him yesterday I would pick up my art supplies. And I didn’t.

Keep my promises. See above situation.

Pack my lunch each evening for the next day. This saves time and helps with the working out. Oh wait!

Lose weight. I need to lose weight. I don’t want to say how many pounds because it’s not only embarrassing, it’s still shocking to me how easily I put this weight on, and why I’ve let it get this far. Now…

Pack my lunch. This saves money and calories. And my health.

Plexus. Okay, okay. This is not a post about Plexus. I’m trying it out. My cousin says it works wonders for her, so I’m giving it a try. She says it gives her energy, keeps her regular, and gives her a feeling of joy. She didn’t start taking the supplements to lose weight, but that is another result Plexus boasts about.

Continue crafting and look for selling opportunities. I’ve had more than a few moments of “why am I even spending time doing this when no one is buying?” I’d like to have a booth at a fair or Christmas market. It’s an investment  - I need staging items, a tent, table, etc. I have the product, now I just need to get it out there. Some people have gone years and years with no success and finally, finally they started being successful  - this will be me. I’ve really got something here – a talent and a good concept for the purpose of my artwork. I’ve got to keep going.

Washing my dog regularly. Enough said.

This is really about it. Before I wrote this, I thought how overwhelming it’s going to be to live my best life, but the things on this list are rather “easy” if I dare say so. But typing and talking mean nothing. Actions mean everything.

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