Sunday, January 24, 2016

One day. This day.

I've been thinking about what my perfect day would look given everything I have now.
-wake up before dawn
- workout
-drink my shake I am trying out
-pick up around the house; pick one area that needs a bit of a deep clean
-eat breakfast (have to wait at least 30 minutes after drinking shake)
-take a moment to pray and be with God (do this through the day)
-work or read
-drink shake
-time with God
-eat lunch
-serve others happily through the day
-yoga after work
-make/eat dinner
-read of watch TV

OMG. These are such simple tasks! Why is it so difficult for me to follow this structure? I'm going to give it a try...eek tomorrow. This scares me. What if I can't finish the tasks?

I thought just came to my mind. Do what I can and let God decide if I've have enough or give me the strength to finish.

I feel strong and complete-taskable. Ready for the day.

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