Saturday, May 9, 2015

Short Chat: the Jazz Age and Wheel of Fortune

I have to admit: I am just a little obsessed with the jazz age, specifically the Fitzgerald's and Hemmingway. How do I know this? In the past month I purchased the following books:

  • Call Me Zelda
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald-A Short Biography
  • Z
  • Beautiful Fools
  • a lot of F. Scott's books: the Great Gatsby, This Side of Paradise, etc.
  • Mrs. Hemmingway
  • Hemmingway's Girls
You would think I'm a reading fool. But I am ignorantly, equally obsessed with Phrase Wheel, an app that mimics Wheel of Fortune. I can't stop playing. I also can't stop buying books.

Anyways, I started this post to tell you about one book:  F. Scott Fitzgerald-A Short Biography. It's a collection of personal writings from the author, and I love them all! One in particular that I recommend you to read is titled "What I Think and Feel at 25." At first I thought, 25 -- really? At 25 I was a hot mess. I don't think I had much wisdom to impart at that age. Now, 35 will be a different story. Here's a link to this article/journal writing:

Happy reading! Now it's time for Phrase Wheel.

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