Sunday, May 31, 2015

Ready to Tackle 150

I created a spreadsheet of all of my books this morning (obviously, feeling organized). I am proud to say I have 150 books in my growing library. I found my "thing", not purses or shoes, but books.

It was a peek into my past as I came across "The Emotionally Absent Mother" by Beverly Engel and "Will I Ever Be Good Enough" by Dr. Karyl McBride Ph.D. And of course Henri Nouwen's "Turn My Mourning Into Dancing" and "The Inner Voice of Love" which has been an ongoing reading and writing journey.

I've decided to pick back up "Will I Ever Be Good Enough" by Dr. Karyl McBride. It called to me for a reason only the One up above knows, and I believe my break from reading pain-invoking rememberences is time to come to an end. "Will I Ever Be Good Enough", here I come.

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