Sunday, December 7, 2014

Scrambled Eggs

My thoughts are rambling, much like scrambled eggs, hence the title. I took a gigantic leap and told my fiance I was having difficulty properly taking my adderal as prescribed. Oh man was I met with a mouthful of questions. I was expecting a "wow, thanks for the honesty" but oh no. I got questions of why and when and for how long, questions you'd get if you confessed to an affair. I suppose this secretive adderall extravaganza I was having is similar to an affair.

So the result and solution to this potential road to addiction is he is dispensing my medication each morning. The unending questions were worth this support I received, his going out of the way, his agreement to help me. I encourage you to tell someone if you are having a similar problem with medication, activities, anything that could be of harm to you and the relationships around you. You may not get high-fives or great job, but you by the grace of God find a solution that helps you and an individual who will help hold you accountable. There is someone, you may have to search or go out on the longest limb you will ever find. But do it.

The burden I was carrying was greatly lifted. I found courage and honesty from and for myself. How empowering! So my scrambled thoughts have brought a realization that I have strength inside me that I would not have found without my struggle.

Strength from struggle. I accept.

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