Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lead me, God and man.

Tu me enseƱaste como llorar
My family is coming to visit this weekend. My family. Viewing my life, me, allowing myself to be seen through their eyes. My family.

And Mr. P. He's seen it all and been through it all, beside me, guiding me, hugging me even though I said I don't like hugs.

"When I say you've had enough, you've had enough."

When I get anxious, I drink. Family, an uncomfortable and uncharted togetherness brings upon anxiety. He knows this; he knows me.

I thank him. No defense. No combativeness. Just gratitude. He knows my weaknesses and understands my strengths. I just need to be led.

I have a man who leads me. Lord, strengthen me to be led.

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