Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Boundaries. Say what?

My counselor and I have been talking boundaries the last couple of weeks. This is news to me as much as to you. The handout she gave me today sealed the deal.

The first indication of not setting boundaries is "telling all". Oh, how I do this. I have always done this, and I didn't know why. All or Nothing is a concept I am quite familiar with--in exercising, dieting, prayer and relationships. In conversations, I spill it all and think later. Feel guilt later; worry later; regret later. But isn't this what the receiving party wants?
I truly have felt I have no control. The deets come out faster than I can process and weigh consequences and options. I tell you all, everything, every last detail of any story that has any relevance to what we are talking about at the moment. Then I am vulnerable and you are free to comment and judge and gossip.

How clear the lack of boundaries are! At least I realize this, right? Is it this realization that will bring about boundaries? I see the blurry, non-existent boundaries. Where do I go from here?

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