Wednesday, February 22, 2012

That I Have

All You want is a broken spirit.  Lord, that I have.

You created me in love and for love, but the world took its grip on me as I took my first breath.  For this breath announced, "I am here for the taking.  Cheat me, beat me, eat me, and spit me out."

Such pain, but You were there.  Lost and searching, only to find more pain, but You were there.

You, too, have been tested.  You, too, have been shamed and ridiculed and judged.  But Your father was there.  You understand my pain in ways that I don't understand myself.  You know why I hurt; You know the ways I hurt.

With hurting comes crying, but I do not cry with the same tears anymore.  Joy, peace, promise -- these are what my tears are made of.  And when I bring pain to others as I so often have, I do not cry with the same tears anymore.  Tears of regret, embarrassment, shame have been dried with Your grace.

And all You ask for is a broken spirit, a spirit that believes only in You.

Lord, that I have.

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