Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hugs for All

This morning I took my Joyce Meyer-podcast-listening self to the next level.

Joyce Meyer has said many times that she'd rather a person not listen to her speak and do one's own studying of the Word than only listen to her speak and never study the Word themselves.  Being the Joyce Meyer fan that I am, I took her advice and I didn't take her advice.  Que?

I combined today's podcast, "I Think, I Want, I Feel", with my own reading of the Bible.  She quotes scripture throughout her teachings so I listened to the podcast, and when she quoted a verse, I paused the podcast and read that verse myself.  Then I meditated on it.  I repeated the verse over and over again in my mind and scribbled notes vigorously whenever something popped into my head.  Completing her 30 minute teaching took well over an hour, and it took a lot of work (seriously, I was exhausted), but I enjoyed my time with God, and I felt peaceful afterward.  It was a wonderful way to begin my day.

Then I went to the grocery store and wanted to hug everyone.  It's amazing how clear headed I am after prayer.  I like people.  I am calm.  I don't have that jittery, hurry up feeling in the pit of my stomach.  I am patient (okay, there was a lady who cut me off in the produce section and took forever to pick out celery which is what I needed to get, but...I smiled and waited).  I even bagged my own groceries because the cashier had a long line.

This morning's prayer time was my time with God, something I did for my growth, but it made me think of others, put their needs before my own.  I am already giddy about tomorrow's time with God.  And I think the staff at HEB is, too!

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