Thursday, February 23, 2012

Authority in the Now

In everything I read and listen to and study, I return again and again to the same idea:  I have authority over my life.

Life isn't something that happens to me.  Life doesn't happen.  Life is given -- given as a gift to me from God.  Every year, every day, every moment -- a gift.

Gifts are special and meaningful and a symbol of love from the giver.  How many days have I taken this gift and thrown it in the trash?  How many instances have I exchanged this gift for something else, something less wonderful?  How many mornings and afternoons and nights have I hid this gift under my bed for fear of what it may bring should I open it?  How many times have I wished for the gifts to cease while someone else was wishing just one more gift?

All I have is today.  And I may or may not have all of today.  The only thing I know for sure, the only time that is guaranteed to me is right now -- this very second, this very breath.  What I do with this promised moment leads into what I will do with the next promised moment, should it be granted to me.  Every moment matters.

Life is a gift wrapped with ribbons and bows of moments and breaths.  Too often, I toss the ribbons aside so I can get to "the good stuff".  But I'm missing the good stuff -- I have the good stuff in my hands but I choose to throw it to the side in search of something better.

There is no "better".  There is only right now.

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