Sunday, October 23, 2011

When A Soul Awakens

I've often said to myself or to others the words "life changing" when refering to a memorable experience I had. And I suppose all events and experiences could be considered "life changing" because it's our experiences that shape us and mold us as the years pass on. But when I think of today, of the mind, body, and soul connections that I both realized and created, I think not of the words "life changing" but rather "soul awakening". Today, I had a soul awakening day.

There are so many words, yet not enough words, to describe today. I participated in a day-long workshop at an equestrian center. The counselors incorporated horses into the personal development exercises. I am not a "horse person", so to speak, but I have read about their healing powers and keen insight into human feelings, and decided to experience for myself how horses could perhaps guide me along my own journey to healing.

Over the next several days, I'll be posting about my experience with equine assisted therapy, from how the thought first entered my mind, to walking out my front door at dawn, to the drive home this evening. I am still in a state of processing, and nothing helps me process more than writing.

I want to process moment by moment rather than regurgitating everything all in one post. So I'll write about each experience until it is rung dry, and then I'll move onto the next--this is not to say that each experience is its own entity. They are each connected without a doubt. But I want to truly delve into each moment and minute and hour to get as much internal information so I can more authentically process and store today's experiences within.

Like I said, today was soul awakening. And I want to savor every moment of it.

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