Monday, September 19, 2011

Simple Joy: Evolution of a Hot Dog

I have down days, and I have up days.  And as much as I'd like to tell you that down days can be turned upward by positive thinking, taking action, etc., this is not always the case.  Sometimes I just have to wait it out:  let the rain fall hard, let the rain pass, then focus on drying off.  I have grand steps I am taking, and still need to take, and there are places far along in my journey that I am anxiously hoping to reach.  In the meantime while I am soaking wet, I am finding small, simple, everyday things to bring a smile, however slight, to my soul.  One such small, simple, everyday thing is hot dogs.

Not just any kind of hot dogs; not just ketchup or mustard or even chili-on-a-hot-dog hot dog.  Upgraded hot dogs.  Hot dogs that take 45 minutes.  These hot dogs:

Any thing worthy of a blog post begins with bacon.

Once the bacon is cooked, I begin caramelizing onions in the bacon grease...

while sauteing corn in a separate pan with a spoonful of sugar.

Cook the hot dog franks.  Totally awesome hot dog cooker optional.

After buns are toasted in the oven, add mayo and spicy mustard to each side of bun.  Assemble above components to look like this:

Now, I don't eat these amazingly delicious hot dogs often.  But when I do, I forget all of my worries and am thinking only about the different tastes and textures all wrapped up in a toasty bun.  The preparation does take time, but that is all a part of the experience. 

And when I think about my down days and the pouring rain, I suppose that is the preparation that is a part of my experience, a part of my journey.  Everyone finds inspiration in different places.  I find mine in books, pets, running, and hot dogs.


  1. That looks absolutely mouth-wateringly DELICIOUS (so much so that I'm making up words)! I think you're right. It is so important to prepare for the down days, and it always seems like its the simple things that are the most helpful. I find mine in the perfect driving song, books, yoga, lattes, london fogs, spontaneous dance outbursts, and anything chocolate.

    Just out of curiosity, do you use an e-book reader? I still haven't come around to the idea. I can't quite get myself to walk away from the smell of a good book in my hands..

  2. I have been thinking about trying yoga lately - it sounds like a very spiritual, calming practice.

    And about books...I feel the same as you! There's something about holding a book and turning the pages that I love. I also love adding books to my collection - when I look at my shelf or nightstand with lots of books all lined up and I remember the charactes and how the story affected me - that just can't be matched by an e-book reader.

    What books do you recommend? I am a Henri Nouwen fan after reading Inner Voice of Love. I ordered two more of his books through Amazon and am excited to read them.

  3. Yes, try yoga! It's become my safe haven while the rest of my life is so uncertain. I find that it's helped me learn acceptance and cope with anxiety a lot better.

    Along those same lines, yoga has been inspiring me to explore spirituality in a way that I never did before. No matter what our own personal religion, I find it fascinating to learn about all different religious philosophies. There are often so many overlapping values and lessons. Consequently, I've been reading books about yoga and buddhism, such as "Awakening the Buddha Within" by Lama Surya Das, "Meditations from the Mat" by Rolf Gates, and "The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali" translated by Chip Hartranft.

    I've never read any Henri Nouwen books, but I'm now adding "Inner Voice of Love" to my book list. Hope you enjoy your new books. :o)