Monday, September 26, 2011

Intro to BlogCarnival

I joined blogcarnival to contribute to the blogs of others, as well as allow fellow bloggers to contribute to my blog.  I am also searching for community, a way to connect with others, and my love for writing seems like an excellent way to begin this leg of my journey.

My blog,, is my personal account of life experiences and healing through the eyes of someone who struggles with depression and anxiety and overcoming a difficult past.  My blog has provided me with great healing, and for others to contribute and read about my journey, as painful and peaceful as it may be, gives me hope and inspires me to continue writing and to continue healing.

I'd like to know about your journey, the ups and downs and everything in between - from everyday ramblings to serious, heavy insight.  No rules, no boundaries, just real, authentic life stories.  I'll post your posts each Monday. 

I look forward to reading your contributions and hope you find posts from my blog which further your blog's purpose as well.

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