Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Don't Really Like When Things Turn Out Just Perfect

At least not in the books I read.

I am finding that I don't like easy, simple reads. I like drama, adversity, conflict. I like real life books. Things don't end perfectly in real life; therefore, I don't really like to read books that end perfectly. This was the case of Dolci di Love by Sarah-Kate Lynch.

First, let me tell you the things I did like about the book.
1) The story takes place in Tuscany, and I felt like I was drinking the delicious wine and eating the most decadent pastries while admiring the beautiful countryside right alongside the main character.
2) The book touches upon some very good life topics: aging, mending broken hearts, eating dessert, overcoming infidelity, love and forgiveness.

I'm sure if I thought long and hard I could come up with some more "pros", but all in all, I would not recommend this read to someone who finds their truth in books.

I really had faith in this book, and the story starts out wonderful and mysterious. I enjoyed the book until I got about 3/4 of the way through. That's when the story line took a turn for the (cheesy, impossible, yea-right) worse.  The book went full steam ahead and wrapped up every problem with a perfect solution and a big red bow; there were no long-term adverse feelings or consequences. Definitely not real life. At least not my kind of real life.

Despite all of my above criticism, I am still happy I read this book. I was introduced to a new author, I've completed yet another book, and I'm learning more and more what kind of books suit me best.  I'll take these pros along with a chocolate danish and continue on my reading journey.

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