Monday, September 26, 2011

Choose a Carry-on

Sometimes (err, most of the time) I feel like "Baggage" is my middle name. Regrets, mistakes, fears, defenses - all so overwhelming and attached to me at all times. My issues have issues and I'm navigating this world with tons of weight dragging behind me, making me a slave to my past with increasing difficulty of getting further faster.

When I travel, I pack various things to bring along with me, typically the most important things I'll be needing for that particular trip. And thanks to TSA guidelines, my most important things (i.e. lotion, body spray, nail polish, nail polish remover, facial scrub) have to be limited to the things I really can't live without. I have to leave things behind to make room for what I really need.

Such is life, right? Today, my baggage has no limits. I keep stuffing every compartment of every bag full of every last emotion and memory until it's bursting at the seams, at the point which I simply find another empty bag to add to the mix. No matter what it is, I'm bringing it with me, all of it, everywhere I go whether I need it or not.

Maybe I should take the carry-on approach. Extract the most essential items from each bag and pack it all up in a manageable-sized bag to carry with me through life. Peace, understanding, curiosity, and acceptance are all essential to my journey, but amidst all of my baggage, they cannot be located and used when needed.  I must get rid of the less important and useless items to make room for what I truly need.

My carry-on will likely change with each leg of my journey.  Some trips may require more patience; other trips may require high energy.  One thing is for sure - flexibility is a must.  I must remain flexible and cognizant of my most essential needs in order to make positive decisions about what I bring along with me.  And just like my backup bottle of hairspray and my brown sugar facial scrub that I never even use when I'm at home, some things are worth leaving behind, especially when replaced with things that serve a better purpose in my life.

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