Monday, August 1, 2011

Where do you find your truth?

I find my truth in books.

The stories not only bring me otherworldly peace and escape, but provide me proof that struggles and pain precede the very peace I am seeking.

Fiction or not, the characters were created by a real human being, a person with the same fears and worries and demons as I we all face.  The characters have life because they were created by a living person, a person with thoughts and hopes and optimism for a better life than even the characters themselves could ever dream up.

Motherless little girls become loving women with families of their own, rightfully convicted murderers serve their time and find forgiveness and community with those whose lives they destroyed, husbands and wives overcome infidelity and clustered wads of lie after lie, trickery and manipulation.  All of these non-living, non-breathing, "made-up" characters remind us eerily, so much of our neighbors, our coworkers, our dearest friends, and ourselves.  And each of these has discovered peace, contentment, grace, and unearthed hope for continued peace and contentment and grace.

I find my truth in books.  It's all in writing, afterall, so it must be true.

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