Monday, August 15, 2011

Flowers, Ponies and Grannies, Oh My!

Gardening and Equestrians...generally not my cup of tea; that is, until, I read The Lost Hours by Karen White.

This is a story about grieving and forgiveness, sharing your sorrows and mistakes and regrets with the generations who follow you, and finding hope and peace after suffering.

The characters in the book are gardeners and equestrians - and I was surprised, and delighted, at the life lessons taught by these hobbies.  The book was filled with inspirational passages revolving around fertile soil filled with possibilities and pressing through winter to experience beautiful spring blooms to the dedication to get back on your horse no matter how many times you fall and no matter how hard you hit the ground...

garden poemThis book also holds a special place in my heart because it is centered around three girlhood best friends who grow old and grow apart and share their stories, painful aching stories, with their granddaughters.  My Mam-ma was the woman of my life - she inspired me and taught me and confused me and made me laugh...and I never told her.

This book made me appreciate my grandmother so, very much and her own story, so much of which I will never know.

These past few weeks for me have been really difficult - my depression and anxiety have been weighing me down and my moods have been cycling like never before.  I started heading toward that darkness where hope and love are nowhere to be found, where I don't believe I have the strength to weather yet another emotional storm.

There was a latin passage that was repeated throughout The Lost Hours.  When translated, it reads:  Be patient and strong; someday this pain will be useful to you.

I could not have read a more appropriate book at a more appropriate time in my life.  This book was meant to be in my possession this last week, and I fall asleep tonight after completing the last chapter with a bit of hope and relief in my soul.

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