Monday, July 18, 2011

Locked Out

I wonder what is hidden within me.  What powers do I have?  What abilities am I ignoring?  What amazing-ness is locked away?

I want to tap in to the real me, the me that begins with the fibers of my soul.  I want to discover what I have inside, not inside the bitter and broken me, but inside the me who is standing after all these years.

Every day I wake up and face the world with fear and a defensive face -- I want to find the me that meets each day with acceptance and excitement and strength.

How do I get to that place?  How do I find that person? I feel like I'm so far from finding her in that good place, but also so close but just not able to quite get there.

I think I know who holds the key -- but, again, I am frozen with fear, fear of the unknown, fear of a life worse off, fear of a life of peace.

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