Monday, July 11, 2011

Good Hope Road, Indeed

Just the other day, I was a crossroads with my book-reading journey.  I'm nearing the end of Good Hope Road, the second book of five in Lisa Wingate's Tending Roses series.  I read the third book last year as a stand-alone story, but I was still feeling like I didn't want to re-read a book -- I wanted something new.  And, thanks to Amazon's recommendations, I've been introduced to a slew of other authors whose books I am dying to read.  I was also feeling like I don't really remember the story line of the third book, titled The Language of Sycamores, and felt it important to finish through with my desire to read each book in this series.  I decided to read a couple of more chapters before deciding which book to purchase next.

That was a terrific decision on my part.  Wow!  Good Hope Road took a turn; it's hard to describe.  I had been enjoying the book, but suddenly the chapters were really developing and hitting home with me.  So many passages, one or two sentence words of wisdom, all of which touching me to my core.  I decided to purchase the remaining books in this series and complete my quest of reading the Tending Roses series by Lisa Wingate.

I wanted to share with you the words that were most touching...

"It's hard to explain to anyone else, to anyone who didn't grow up here.  From here, it's hard to's's like we don't know how to make a right kind of life."

"It's easy to get to dwelling on what you've lost.  Al the physical things, I mean.  Sometimes folks forget that what really matters is the love you got in you, and there's not a storm in the world that can blow that away."

"The past had been with me all my life, following me like a shadow, attached to my body and to the ground around me, so that I never got away from it."

"I'd like that, I said, still trying to imagine myself as part of a family that included so many people.  I wondered what Daddy would say if he knew I was standing there talking to them.  Then I wondered if things would ever get back to the kind of normal Kate was talking about.  Normal for us wasn't the same kind of normal for other people."

"Lacy grinned, her eyes shining for only a moment before she did something that I could remember doing all my life.  She ducked her head and hid the smile.  Behind me, Mrs. Gibson signed heavily, her disappointment like a cloud in the air.  I suppose it was hard for her to understand why Lacy stayed closed within herself.  Mrs. Gibson didn't know what it was like to feel the way Lacy felt -- small and helpless and afraid of everything."

"When you're afraid of everything, the thing you are most afraid of is happiness.  You're afraid to step into even a little piece of it, because you know that as soon as you do, someone will slam the door, and you'll be trapped in the darkness again, remembering how the light felt.   It's easier never to know the light at all."

"A bad past is like gristle.  You can either starve to death chewing on it, or you can spit it out and see what else is on the table."

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