Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Four Season Cleaning

I've got some major spring cleaning to do...along with summer, winter, and fall.

My bedroom is an absolute mess. I have a room mate, and I am embarassed. If I realize it looks this bad, I can only imagine what she is thinking. In all fairness (to my poor cleanliness), I have spent the last several weekends out of town and took a week's vacation. I've just been letting the laundry pile up. But there's also trash, which concerns me.

I have trash in my room, and a couple of dirty dishes. They've been in my bedroom for quite sometime. I'm sleeping amongst trash and filth - what does this say about how I view my sanctuary, my nightly resting place? Am I just lazy? Uncleanly? Or, is it something deeper?

I have high ambitions to wake up early and get a lot of this multi-season cleaning completed before work. I don't want to come home from work one more day and see this mess.

My alarm is set. Lately, I've been slunking out of bed at the last minute. Getting up early will some good for more than just my bedroom.

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