Friday, July 29, 2011

(Authentic) Words with Friends

Lisa Wingate, I consider you a friend.  Your books are incredible.

I am finishing up "A Thousand Voices" after spending the last week thinking I was reading my diary.  Dell Jordan -- it's like I'm reading my own story, an autobiography that not even I could not create, with memories and worries and yearnings too deep and too painful to realize myself...put into words merely by an act of hypnosis or a playback of my subconcious.  How are you able to create something so real and so true to another's journey?  How are you able to replace self-hate with acceptance?  How do you answer lifelong questions and confusion with simple understanding and strength to exist in contentment?

Your words opened up a new world to myself, a world in which I was able to grow and love alongside myself -- books had never gotten down in my soul until I discovered you.

When I finish this book, my reading journey will continue; perhaps with another book of yours or I might try out the work of a new author.  No matter the next book I pick up, I'll always owe so much of my discovered self-acceptance and peace to your writing.  

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