Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Work is Wonderful

Did I stutter? ...sorry, just had to!

Work is something I need in my life to be fulfilled. I realize that. My counselor has said it many times, but it sort of just fluttered in one ear, buzzed around in my brain for a second or two, and left the same way it entered. I see it now.

I thoroughly enjoy my job, I mean, I think I could even use the "L" word when talking about what I do. And I'm not talking about "Lordy, what did I get myself into?" I'm talking Love.

I had a long holiday weekend, and work on Tuesday was not wonderful. I had a migraine all day, and had no motivation to do much other than my simple everyday duties. I put in my time and headed straight home. I also headed straight to bed when I got home. I didn't unpack my car, I didn't do laundry that I needed to do, I didn't do anything I needed to do. I did the minimum, and I went to bed.

I wake up today, had anxiety about going into work, decided to just get in the damn shower and take it from there, and ended up having an incredible day. I completed many to-dos for my projects at work, came home and worked around the house, and then had dinner with family.

I can have one crappy day and not let it turn into another crappy day and another crappy day and so on. I'm allowed a down day, and I deserve for a down day, and any day for that matter, to be followed by a great day.

And at the heart of my great day...was work! Considering there's work to be done my entire life, this is absurdly comforting.

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