Monday, June 6, 2011

Awards Make Any Day Better

I wouldn't say I'm having a bad day...just kind of blah.  That was until, I received an email from a fellow blogger, complete with a "Versatile Blogger" award and some instructions.

1.  Please copy the image below and place it somewhere on your blog site.
     (Make sure to put a link back to the person who sent it to you!) - task completed!

2.  List 10 things about you that people might not know.
     Here goes...
     1)  I am a dog lover!  I definitely see myself running a small dog rescue shelter from my home years down the road.
     2)  I love rap music.  Silly maybe, but it gets me going in the morning, and I love listening to it on my way to work while drinking coffee   
           and definitely while working out.
     3)  I have four younger sisters.  We span the ages of 6 years old to 28 years old (me).  We are all so completely different, and when we get 
          together it is very interesting!
     4)  I have two very strong fears, borderline phobias:  spiders (and really any kind of bug in general) and heights - it's bad.  I can't even look
          over the railing if I'm on the second floor of the mall or a house or at a hotel.  My stomach starts doing weird things and it becomes
          difficult to breathe.
     5)  I dance in my room by myself.  I love dancing!  When I'm getting ready for work or a social function, I blast the music and dance with
          myself, and by myself!
     6)  This is a serious one.  Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but...I struggle with alcohol.  I've written about it in my blog, but I definitely don't
           share this part of me with mostly anyone, except my counselor, my boyfriend, and my dad and stepmom as of a few weeks ago.  It's a
           personal demon that I have been trying/not trying to overcome since I was about 16 years old.  I gain more and more clarity about the
           situation as time passes, but it's still very much at the top of my list to find closure with.
     7)  I enjoy leading volunteer projects - fundraisers, helping with planning and organizing, etc.  I want to make this a bigger part of my life.
     8)  I am a Christian.  I am not a perfect Christian, but I am a Christian.  I was baptized in college and have since worked to understand
          God's  purpose for my life and how to live a God-centered life.  I've had many set backs, but I've also had many revelations.  When it 
          comes to my Christianity, I am a work in progress.
     9)  I enjoy reading self-improvement books - non-fiction, fiction, self-proclaimed self-help books, all of it.  Lisa Wingate is my favorite 
          fiction inspirational writer.  I also like John Maxwell, Brian Tracy, Henri Nouwen, Joyce Meyer, and Joel Osteen.
    10) I want to travel the world.  With every year that I passes, I have a yearning to travel and dive into every culture and experience the
          world.  I worry how I will accomplish this financially, but I know it's something I really want and need to do in my life.

The last two instructions include thinking of 15 bloggers who deserve this same award and "paying it forward".   I am  working on that as we speak, and I will update this post with my list.

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