Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nouwen Again

When I read through my blog, my heart aches. Not in a bad way, not with sadness, but with the realization that so much time has passed since I first began documenting my journey online.

Reading through my Nouwen insights...wow...it's almost as if time is standing still. I feel content with all of my posts. Some were given more thought than others, not on purpose, but you know how it is -- sometimes words and thoughts and notions flow easier than other times. But those Nouwen posts, they really get me. Such deep, meaningful, insightful words I had. It makes me proud...of me. It's almost as if I am reading someone else's words of advice and knowledge about the world.

But it's just me. The girl from a difficult childhood, the girl with a family line filled with addiction and abuse...the flower who grew from concrete.

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