Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I read in my book, The Happiness Trap, for a good hour last night. I just didn't want to put it down. Then I fell asleep and had the same recurring dream (err...borderline nightmare) that I have been having pretty regularly for the last year.

I am in high school, already graduated college, but still have one high school course I have to complete before I'm "officially" graduated from college. I go back and forth between being completely naked or wearing something I'm very embarassed to be wearing. Also, my legs don't work. I am trying to get to my next class and I'm running late, but my legs don't work. They keep colapsing on me or are quivering -- and I'm trying to keep my composure and not let on about what my legs are doing. I am lost, I can't find my class, or I go into the wrong class. Also, in the midst of trying to find my classroom, I keep having to find restrooms because I have something in my mouth that keeps coming up -- kind of like vomit but more like this white substance that keeps filling up my mouth and choking me. I don't really remember how the dream ends...I'm just always searching, with legs that don't work, feeling out of place and exposed.

The happiness trap much?

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