Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This Filthy Mess I Am In

I'm angry.  At myself, I am angry.

How did I get to this place I am at?  So unhappy, 20 pounds overweight, missing work because of depression and sickness...the list can go on.  My room is filthy.  My soul is filthy.  How did I get here?

More importantly, how do I get out of here?  I have a few tricks under my belt, but they are unhealthy and ultimately useless.  Prayer, writing, exercise, eating right, counseling - I know these are the things I need to implement into my life.  But how?  How, when I am so exhausted?  When I am so beaten down?  When I am fearful, unloved, unsupported, unworthy?

A recent post comes to mind.  I suppose some of the best advice does come from within.

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