Friday, January 7, 2011

"What part of you isn't loving the other part of you?"

There's isn't any easy, or necessary, way to slowly go into this.

I had a phone session with my counselor yesterday at 8pm.  We talked about a lot, but one thing she said really stuck out.  I'm sure you can guess.

So, what is it?  It only takes one drink, one conflict, one failure, and I've switched to the other side, to the side that doesn't love, care, understand, or extend grace to the other side.  This realization led me to another realization - My loving, caring, understanding, grace-granting side doesn't love the other side, either.

Balance.  Good vs. Evil.  Aren't these the ways of the world?  Why would I be any different?

The things for which I am searching--contentment and peace and acceptance--require the nurturing of both sides of me; the lover and the critic; the friend and the foe; the infallible and the bitter. 

When my smaller self accepts that my authentic self is in charge, and my authetic self gracefully accepts the challenge--this is when I will say, "I truly love myself."

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