Sunday, November 7, 2010

This New Life in Christ

Here are my thoughts while listening to a Joyce Meyer podcast entitled, "This New Life in Christ".

Part One
Keep God FIRST. Don't work Him into my schedule; work my schedule around God.

Think about how I get started. My day begins with anxiety and dread, with fear and disappointment. How dare I! God has allowed me to open my eyes and inhale life.

Begin each day with my maker; try this for 7 days and see how I feel.

Everything the Bible says I have, I have.

Part Two
Self-pity, yourself-pity, I complain and vent. I use my emotions to get pity. Joyce says, "The only way to kill the flesh is to starve it." Starve my desires to gain affection and satisfaction and acceptance. I receive such things, only those of which my soul truly needs, things of which God wants me to have, through only God himself. If I don't have it, God doesn't want me to have it. He grants me everything I need at the time I need it and at the time in which I can use it for His glory, not for my gain.

What do I pray for? "Fruit comes from trial," Joyce says. Stability. Patience. Grace. God may be answering prayers for these things at this very moment. Patience comes from trials of frustration and confusion. Trials are often the answers to my prayers.

Joyce says, "Do what's right when it feels wrong. Your decision of will and discipline beyond all self-control --this is when you grow spiritually." It's easy to smile and laugh and be content when I'm moving into a new place, when money is flowing and work is going well, but how do I act when the chips are down? Depression and anxiety fill my life. NO MORE! Praise God through the sunshine and the rain. Smile with contentment when the days are long and trying. God is strengthening me through every difficult step along my journey.

Joyce says, "You don't have to say everything you feel like saying. You don't have to do everything you feel like doing." Let Jesus show me the way. Talk like Jesus; walk the walk of Jesus. Love like Jesus; see others how Jesus would see them.

Joyce also says, "God changes us. Being a Christian is exciting. Walking with God is an adventure."

Progress! I loved when Joyce said, "I'm not where I want to be, but THANK GOD I'm not where I was. Thank you, Lord! I am not ridden with depression. I am not locked in my apartment, overcome with grief and guilt for all of my inadequacies I present to the world. Thank you, Lord, for bringing me out of the darkness I was surrounded with, for finding some restraint from drugs and alcohol, even if it's just a little. I am miles and miles from where I am headed, but thank the Lord I am miles and miles from where I began.

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