Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Turn, Baby, Turn

Turnaround Wednesday is the new, official name for today.

I will be staying for a couple weeks in the house I was originally going to move in to. Mid-November, the new roomie and I will be (hopefully) moving into an awesome duplex. We did the application today and met with the owner, and he is willing to work with my broken lease and not-so-super credit. He is also willing to split up the move-in deposit into two months. We'll get the official "yes" or "no" within a week.

I went a few days without making any sales at the theatre. As of tonight before work, I hadn't met my quota that places me in a commission bracket. Tonight, I finished my shift with four, yes F-O-U-R, sales and am now earning commission on every dollar I sell. With two days left in the pay period and the hottest, freshest leads available, I am hopeful that I will reach the 7% or 8% commission bracket.

My attitude has been positive, for the most part. I continue to have my moments of frustration and baffle-ness with the old school boss, but I know I must smile, work hard, and do as she asks - she is my boss after all. Within time and as I prove myself, she will ease up a bit and allow me to make some marketing decisions. Right? I really hope you answered yes.

I haven't read too much of Nouwen lately. I need to get on this. I want to finish this book and have insights posted of all of the imperatives I read before I begin reading the new book my counselor recommended. It's very important that I finish the Nouwen book; it's at the very core of my journey. I have been going to my day job, running for an hour, and then going to my evening job. This doesn't leave much room for reading, but I know I must make the time.

How I feel: Hopeful, a bit skeptical and cautious, light and gaining strength. If I could picture God as any shape, right now He would be an iron smoothing out the kinks in my life. How mind-blowing and down-right understandable is the turn of events in my life!

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