Friday, September 24, 2010

Silent Ownership

You may return here once you have fully come to understand that you are always here.

After reading this passage in EPL, in which Liz finally and fully experiences transcendental bliss in the Ashram, I found myself journaling a random series of random thoughts.

Until I fully (important word here) realize the treasures I search for are already in my possession, I will never experience the bliss they have to offer. I will keep searching and searching for something I already own. I own love. I own acceptance. I own forgiveness. I own hope.

I am fighting so hard against myself. Just let it be. It being my past, my present, and my future. Just let it be.

I am afraid. My sadness, my anger, my drinking, my walls that I build on a whim, all are because I am afraid. What is my one fear? I received an answer from a voice that was crystal clear, like a little human being was sitting in my ear canal. What is my one fear? To be my mother.

I am feeling uninspired the past couple of days. Again, that voice. This is my resting period. It's the quiet time to allow all of my new insight and inspiration and positivity to sink in and become one with my being. Listen to the quiet - this is where I will find the answers I have been seeking.

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