Monday, September 13, 2010

Can I get some change?

Job hunting is in full swing - with new interviews and follow-up interviews just about every other day. I'm looking for two jobs - one I can start right now and one that will be my long-term career. The ASAP job is likely to be at a restaurant, and I have decided to work weekends with this job even once I get my "real" job. I'm tired of being broke and I am fully aware that I am following in my family's footsteps of living paycheck to paycheck - and I refuse, absolutely refuse, to live this way any longer.

I am going to dive in to working as hard as I can work, paying off my debt and getting a savings account started. I am single with zero kids and plan to stay this way for a while, so I have nothing holding me back. I realize that what I am doing now is what I did during my really painful semesters of college - not giving as much as I can, not believing I can achieve anything I want, and settling for way less than mediocrity. It's a pattern, and I realize this. And, I also realize I don't like living this way.

It's time for a change.

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