Thursday, August 5, 2010

beachin' insight

I just listened to one of the most amazing messages via Joyce Meyer. This woman has allowed God to transform her in the most miraculous ways, and He is using the beauty He instilled in her to change people's lives - mine included!

These are my personal insights from Joyce's podcast titled: Think About What You Are Thinking About

There is a reason Joyce is preaching this message to the millions. Millions have a past they want to find closure on; I'm not the only one with this trouble! I am not unique in this way. Find my uniqueness in the positive present and not the negative past.

Lord, deliver me. Deliver me.

Be needy for the Lord. Beg and fall at His feet. I am hungry and homeless without the Lord. Only He can provide shelter and nourishment.

Like a worm to a butterfly (an analogy used by Joyce), what beauty can I transform into? Transformation requires renewal.

Fight for the victory and the <best> will follow :)

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