Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Who says waiting in line at the DMV is a bad thing?

I can breathe.

This has been quite a stressful week. But, I am just mere minutes away from taking care of a huge item on my to-do list - renewing my registration. I have (once again) let it expire, and now I find myself 45 minutes from home in a courthouse to get it fixed.

Next items up for doing are getting my prescriptions transferred to a pharmacy in my new town. And...setting up a phone session with my counselor. Not only have I found that I just miss talking to her in general, but I've had some nagging thoughts and emotions really weighing on me that I would like some insight on...and, let's just be honest here - I NEED counseling at this point in my life.

My reading and running has fallen to the wayside for the last couple of weeks. I've been working so much that when I am not at work, I find myself lounging. I think beginning tonight me and the boy will begin nightly walks to the beach.

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