Monday, June 21, 2010

Workin' Woman, Keepin' Busy

My day started with a cup of coffee (no sugar and a splash of fat free milk) and a small bowl of cold tortellini pasta salad (leftovers from our last feast). After work, I ate two fish tacos - red snapper on whole wheat tortillas with banana peppers and a tad bit of Miracle Whip. I also ate some Baked Lays with my tacos.

Today was my first day of work, and I was a little nervous. I wanted to look my best, so I wore my khaki shorts, a flowy, black flowered tube top, and my black sandals with a slight heel. Of course I wore my hair in a pony tail....because it's the island!

I was only at work for a few hours; we did my training today and got me acquainted with the store. I said in an earlier post that it was a souvenier shop. It is not a souvenier shop. It is a beach wear shop, and I want to own everything in the store.

Bathing suits galore, more Reef sandals than I could ever imagine, and the absolute cutest tops and dresses ever! The BF is buying me a dress for the wedding we are going to this Saturday, and I saw a few today at my shop that are definitely wedding guest worthy. I can't wait to see what dress I end up wearing! I LOVE feminine!

So today at work was exciting. I mean, I'm basically a sales girl helping customers, a job I am certainly over-qualified to do with my degree and all, but I still found myself a little nervous and shy around my new co-workers and customers. I actually thought this was kind of neat, that with all of my abilities and experience and education, God still humbles me in such simple situations.

I thought about God constantly today, how He brought me to where I am today, how He gave me the courage to take this gigantic leap into living life to the fullest. As big of a step it was to relocate to the beach with a guy I've known for a month, I feel so calm and at peace with my decision. much as I believe this guy is "the one", if for some reason it doesn't work out, I know I will be okay. I know I will be peaceful and content because I hold these states of being inside of myself, and they are unshakeable. I am certainly a survivor, and this survivor is loving her life!

I am off of work tomorrow and Wednesday, and these days will be filled with running, beach time with Rowdy, and writing. I am very much looking forward to Wednesday night's women's Bible study at the Baptist church right down the street from me. And...Tuesday night is our first softball practice (I'm still contemplating this idea).

After the BF gets off of work tonight we are going running and will probably relax at the house tonight and eat some Red Snapper...we have POUNDS of it in the freezer!

Until we meet again........

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