Monday, June 14, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

I had a really great weekend complete with running, praying, spending time out and about, and of course fixing myself yummy meals.

Weekend Recap:
On Saturday, I went running with my dear friend's 11-year old daughter. Let me tell you, all of my marathon training never prepared me to run with someone with so much young energy! I forgot what it was like to be that age with energy to spare. She was so much fun to run with, and re-sparked my drive for this sport that I love so much.

jacobs ladderWe ran the trails in the park (3 miles worth), most of which carried us uphill. We also climbed what I like to call Hell's Staircase T-W-I-C-E. It was quite the workout.

After running, me and my kick-butt personal trainer, and the personal trainer's mom all went to a friend's pool for a little relaxation and sun-bathing. The day was gorgeous, sunny with the occassional breeze!

The day didn't end there...then we all went to a neighborhood fish fry, which I talked about in this recent post. The dish we brought was a tasty pasta salad that we made last minute...but it looked so thoughtful! As my raw food journey continues, I am learning what ingredients go well with each other, and this dish was the perfect example of my new tasty food knowledge!

pasta saladChilled Bean Pasta Salad
We mixed boiled macaroni noodles with cherry tomatoes cut in quarters, rinsed kidney beans, lots of parmesan cheese, and mixed all this together with a basil parmesan vinaigrette. We topped it with fresh avocado slices.

Sunday began at 6am. I woke up early and was ready to get another great day started. I was aching (literally) for another intense workout. After cleaning up around my apartment, I went to the park and ran sprints uphill. I decided to forego Hell's Staircase. I also tried out some new pre- and post-run stretches I read about in my last issue of Runner's World. They were awesome, and served as toning exercises as well. I came home and ate a "breakfast" of black beans with chopped onion and jalapeno. My body needed protein and these beans were calling my name. It actually satisfied my hunger quite nicely.

Then I showered, and went to church. I haven't gone the last couple of weekends, mostly because I have been out of town, but I wonder if I would have gone anyways even if I were in town. Regardless, I was there and I loved it. It was very peaceful to be in worship, and I had some great time with God, and thanked him and praised him for all of the wonderful gifts He has brought into my life. I also thanked him, again but more formerly, for saving my life on the highway last Wednesday. I know His hands were guiding my car and all of the cars around me that day...this is the only explanation for how I came out of that incident completely unharmed. Lord, I love you and thank you.

banana breadAfter church I went with my friend and her two kids to her parents house. We baked banana nut bread and chocolate chip cookies. I was offered a large slice of bread straight out of the oven, and I had to accept it. This plate was completely cleaned off in no time!

I came home and prepared a delicious filet of grilled salmon.
one salmon filet grilled in EVOO with a clove of garlic
toss spinach leaves with drizzle of EVOO, lime juice, and garlic
place salmon on top of spinach leaves
top with white onion and sea salt and black pepper to taste

I visit with my counselor tomorrow, and I have been anxiously awaiting our appointment. I really want to apologize to her for a distraught email I sent her while at home a couple weekends back. I definitely want to discuss my drinking, some family stuff, and I think we are going to talk more about the second results of my personality test. I'll let you know how it goes.

My motivation to continue making healthy choices in every aspect of my life comes from God above all. And even when I think I don't have the motivation because of how I may be feeling at any given moment, I still find a way to do what needs to be done. I have been making wonderful choices for quite some time, with the occassional slip up, but I accept that I am not perfect and my journey will include both the good and the bad.

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