Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weekend Trip: The Good

Friday night I spent time with an amazing guy, and had one of the best times in my entire life. Rooftop bars are my absolute favorite, and we hit the town and visited a few.

Out 2

Saturday was a time for feasting! The neighbors of my dad and stepmom had an awesome cookout and invited our family. It was a time for excellent food and equally enjoyable conversation. I had to say a temporary goodbye to my raw food/juice diet, and said hello to the most amazing meal I've had in a long time!

This was the site of our feast. Talk about a peaceful, lovely place to chat and chow down.

And speaking of chowing down...smoked turkey and chicken that literally melted in my mouth. (No, this was not my plate!)

IMG_1160This was my plate. Baked beans, mashed potato salad (omg), corn and carrots (yea, veggies), coleslaw, mac 'n' cheese...and of course the smoked turkey and chicken.

Our wonderful hosts had the sweetest pomeranian that kept us all smiling and on our toes (he likes to be right under you!)

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