Monday, June 28, 2010

Wedding Un-Crashers

weddingI was the "plus one" at a fabulous wedding on the 26th!

The BF and I had an amazing time, and I enjoyed meeting so many of his friends. I am proud to be with a man who has so many amazing people in his life.

The wedding and reception were held at the same location, smack center in the Hill Country. Absolutely gorgeous, I tell ya! The minister had an excellent message, and I (of course) teared up. The BF thought this was cute.

The message (paraphrased): Enjoy the journey! It's not always going to be perfect, or even semi-great. The point is, you are on the journey together. Enjoy the ups and downs together.

wedding skylineEverything about the wedding and reception was so simple and elegant, and definitely gave me some ideas for what I would want...ya know, should I happen to get married any time soon.

wedding cake
Here are the fabulous details...
The Bride: gorgeous!
The Bride's dress: strapless and beautiful
The Food: simple staples of the American diet - salad and ranch dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans, brisket, chicken, and rolls
The Beverages: beer, wine, and liquor with the obvious champagne toast (oh yea, and water and tea)
The Cake: raspberry creme (the BF and I split a piece)
The Music: a dj who had the crowd dancing ALL night!


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