Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Juicing and Journeying

I now am the proud owner of a juicer! My boss had a spare juicer just laying around his house (which boggles my mind), and upon hearing about my new adventure into the world of raw foods, he offered it to me. And I said...heck yes!

I used it last night to make gazpacho soup. It tasted not-so-great until this morning, when all of the flavors mingled together into something wonderful. I don't have a photo because it looked so unappetizing, but let me tell you, I drank it down for breakfast this morning and I am feeling great.

Here are the ingredients:
3 large tomatoes
1 cucumber
1 jalapeno
1/2 green bell pepper
1/2 white onion
2 cloves of garlic
Juice from 1 lime

Throw all these in the juicer, put the juice in Tupperware, give it a few shakes of basil, sea salt, cayenne and black pepper, and let all of the flavors join in harmony over night. I know gazpacho is a soup, but the consistency was more like a veggie smoothie, so I drank it on my way to work this morning. So good!

Today's lunch is tuna with a few drizzles of course brown mustard and lots of white onions (I love onions). Dinner will be a chicken stir fry - I'll let you know what the ingredients are after I prepare it, because I'm basically making it up as I go! I do know that garlic will definitely be included (I love garlic, too).

I am feeling pretty good. I had a great counseling appointment yesterday and received a lot of much-needed insight. I did some reading in my Purpose-Driven Life book last night, and it was all about restoring broken fellowship. I almost just stopped reading because it was all too much - broken fellowship - story of my life. A long list of ex-friends came into my mind and got me thinking about how I push people completely out of my life at the first sign of conflict. I haven't always made the best choice in friends, but I also haven't been healthy enough to carry on stable relationships. How do I know when it's time to mend a relationship or move on? How do I know when I am the problem or when the other person is the problem? Questions. Questions. Questions.

I guess with friendships, as with drinking, family relationships, and all of the other confusion that comes along with my journey, I will learn as I go (kinda like my chicken stir-fry). Sometimes I will make the right choice, and sometimes I will make the wrong choice. My counselor talks so often about grace - and this is where grace comes in. I must allow grace for when I fail, and not let the bad choices keep me down. I'm seeing that my journey isn't going to give me the answers I need to be healthy and content. Rather, the journey allows me the time and experience to find all that I need, not on the road but within myself.

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