Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Interviews, Love, and Near-Death Experiences

I had my second interview today for my dream job with my dream company. They are making their decision most likely by the end of this week. I didn't feel I did as well in this interview as I did in my first. I just couldn't articulate what it was I wanted to get across, due to my nervousness talking with the CMO...and a little thing called "almost dying".

I will not add any drama or adjectives or personal details to the following story. I will simply state the facts and you can decide for yourself how you feel about it.

I am driving north on 1-35, and I am in the far left lane traveling at 70 miles per hour. I am 20 minutes away from my interview location, which is north of the Dallas Medical District. My front driver side tire blows out, and my car begins skidding sideways and travels across 3 lanes of traffic into the shoulder on the right side of the highway. My car comes to a stop on the right shoulder facing oncoming traffic.

Not a scratch, a bump, a strained muscle. Not a scratch on my car or anyone else's. I didn't hit a bush, a lamp post, or a semi. A courtesy highway patrol came to my car, told me I had a flat tire, I pulled off of the highway into a school parking lot, he changed my tire, and I was on my way to my interview.

I cannot believe how lucky I am. Actually, I can. God was looking over me. I almost feel like it was His way of showing me how precious my life is. As you recall, this past Sunday I had a horrible drunken depression and I wanted to completely pull away from this world. Today God showed me that my life can end at any moment, and I better get happy and get serving.

I have so much I want to do and experience, and I have so much to enjoy and be grateful for. I am on my last few dollars in my bank account, I'm behind on pretty much every bill I have, but I am content. I have constant butterflies in my stomach because of the new guy, I have job opportunities that are endless, and I have friends and family who love me and are glad I am here.

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