Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I never expected...

Me and the new guy talked on the phone tonight for one hour and twenty-nine minutes, and it was nothing short of amazing.

We cleared the air about Sunday's drama and talked about summer possibilities for the two of us. We planned three weekend trips to see each other - next weekend beginning Wednesday night, July 4th, and July 10th.

As for an extended stay with him, he tells me that the feelings he has for me he hasn't felt in such a long time. He tells me I'm amazing. He tells me he wants to be spontaneous and take a chance. He tells me he wants me down there with him for however long I want to stay.

Tomorrow is a very big day for me. It's the second interview and my last chance to show my (hopefully) future bosses that I am their only choice. After the interview, I will be waiting so, very anxiously for "the call", the call that will change my life as I now know it. The outcome, either way, will mean a new step for me in my life. I'm either moving to a new city for my dream job, or I may be spending the rest of the summer at the beach with a guy I am possibly falling in love with.

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