Thursday, June 24, 2010

Eating, Reading, Running and Sunning

It's noon on a Thursday, and I'm in my bathing suit.

But on a serious note...even though I already got a job, I am still on the hunt for something with a bit more flexibility as well as structure...if that makes any sense.

Flexibility you ask? Yes, I quit my job and moved to the beach. Could my life BE any more flexible (in the Chandler from Friends voice)? I'd like to have a set schedule, weekends off, and daytime hours. At the beachwear shop, the days and hours I work are all over the place. My primary mission when I decided to move here, was to find (any) job, and as long as it's full time, then take it! So, if in the meantime of working my tail off I could find something more to my liking, then that would be even better.

Well, I found such a place. Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm, weekends off. And where is this heavenly place?A Yacht Shop! Yes, I would serve as the receptionist and client contact at a place that sells yachts. Great hours, really great pay, and at a neat place!

I dropped of my resume and made nice-nice with the office manager who would be training me. The owners will be back in town on Monday, so we'll see!

Back to the bikini. I am off work all weekend since the schedule at the beachwear shop was already made. The BF and I are going to a wedding on Saturday, so I'm working hard on getting a nice tan. I know I am only a few weeks away from getting to used to the fact that I can go to the beach every single day and it's not the coolest thing ever, but right now I'm loving that being at the beach is the coolest thing ever.

I ran again this morning and did much better than yesterday. The lower morning temperature made a huge difference. I only ran/walked 2 miles but did it in 31 minutes. I NEED to get my distance up and time down.

The boy and I have been eating super healthy and our meals together have been wonderful. Tuesday night was jerk fish with an asian fruit slaw and jalapeno poppers (minus the bacon).
This time I took care of the fish from thawing through cooking! Yes, a proud moment indeed!

I marinated the fish in a store-bought "jerk" sauce for roughly 20 minutes. For the asian fruit slaw, I sliced up cucumber, red pepper, and fresh peaches! I stirred in some apricot stir fry sauce and added lots of cracked black pepper and sea salt. The boy was in utter amazement!

 The jalapeno poppers were filled with cream cheese (yes it's a bit fattening but it was like our dessert!), a tad bit of zucchini and jalapeno, and bits of grilled chicken. Again...utter amazement!

Wednesday night was baked parmesan crusted fish and baked sweet potatoes. I dipped strips of red snapper in an egg wash of 2 egg whites and one egg yolk, then dipped the strips in a mixture of grated parmesan cheese, a bit of flour, and lots of garlic salt and pepper. We topped our baked sweet potatoes with a tad bit of butter and lots of cinnamon!

This morning I made the BF my famous banana breakfast pizza - made of a toasted english muffin with one tablespoon of natural peanut butter, slices from one banana, and again...cinnamon. He loved it! I had a spinach strawberry smoothie for breakfast and a carrot apple smoothie after my run. Lunch was a few pieces of parmesan fish and baked lays with hummus.

I've got great reading material for my tanning session - a new book I just started. It's all about golfer John Daly and how he overcame his personal struggles while in the public eye. I'll keep you updated on my insights.

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