Friday, June 11, 2010

Eat, Pray, Write, Repeat

black bean roll-upsBlack Bean Roll-Ups
First, I must say yum.
Okay...on with the ingredients.

I blended up about one cup of black beans with half of a jalapeno. I put this spread on whole wheat tortillas, and topped it with sliced white onion, green bell pepper, and avocado. I drizzled a bit of (homemade) garlic tomato salsa on top, and sprinkled the finished product with sea salt and black pepper. Again, so yum.

I went a little overboard and ate 4 (yes, f-o-u-r) of these delicious bad boys about 4:30pm today, but I was so hungry. I need to change my meals so that breakfast is the largest meal of my day and dinner is the smallest. I have mostly been juicing for breakfast and lunch, like today, which leaves me feeling starved by about 2pm, hence the late afternoon attack on black bean roll-ups. I just finished a late night snack of my banana breakfast pizza, except this time around I went a little crazy on the raw honey. Bananas + PB + Honey = Sheer Genius

The guy just called to tell me he missed me (aah, swoon). I listened to a Joyce Meyer podcast tonight that provided incredible insight. I scribbled down lots of notes and will work to post my revelations in the next couple of days. I don't have internet at my place (right now I am blogging via email), so I write out my posts and save them on my flash drive and then post them to the internet while at work. This allows me to put extra thought into my writing and I have a day or so, sometimes longer, to think on what I have written and make any changes according to new insights.

I am happy it is the weekend and plan to keep it low key with a little laundry, running, and more yummy meals.

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