Thursday, June 10, 2010

Befriending My Emotions

Yesterday evening, I was doing deep reflection about Sunday's depressed disaster. I read a Nouwen imperative (Befriend Your Emotions) that I hadn't yet read, and it was just what Jesus had in mind for me that very moment. Here is what He revealed to me.

Keep remembering God. Keep an inner dialogue that repeats, "God loves me. I am loved."

I feel pangs of jealousy, insecurity, and inferiority when I've been drinking. And when I feel this way, I go off the deep end. I go into rage or deep sorrow - I want to hurt other people, but I only hurt myself, and embarrass myself, and isolate myself even more from normalcy and healthy living.

I must rescue myself before it even gets to this point--by spiritual affirmations, or prayer, or removing myself from the situation. In these times, I must nurture myself like a third person--tell myself gently, "You are feeling insecure, and that is okay. Take a deep breath, now remember how beautiful and one-of-a-kind you are."

Don't be blindsided and taken aback by negative emotions. I am only human. A moment of feeling negative emotions does not negate how far I have come, how great my progress is, and how the peace within myself still remains.

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