Sunday, June 20, 2010

Am I dreaming?

Since I arrived at the beach on Wednesday night, the BF and I have had such an amazing time. We've gone out for nice dinners, we've stayed in and cooked gourmet feasts, we've fished, we've played in the sand with has been amazing.

My first night at the beach...having a glass of homemade sangria by the boats.

On Friday, we celebrated me getting a full-time job with a night out on the town. First, an outside dinner at "Trout". We went for oysters but they were out! But, our dinner was still fabulous!

We started out with a seafood spinach dip. Then, we each had a cup of soup - I chose the New England Clam Chowder and the BF had a cup of ...... I can't remember! I was IN LOVE with my clam chowder!

We shared an entree of shrimp enbrochette - shrimp stuffed with jalapeno and wrapped in bacon. Best.Thing.Ever.
 favorite - LIVE MUSIC!

This band was amazing...their name...Conjugal Visit. They played original stuff, as well as Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, and Counting Crows. Heaven, I tell you!

And...a very intoxicated lady kept showering me with compliments about my outfit, my shoes, and at one point she even kissed my head. Thanks?

Saturday we both slept in. I woke up first and tidied up our cute little place. on the pier!

We listened to Pat Green, Randy Rogers, and others while we successfully caught seaweed, a small sting ray, and more seaweed.

After fishing, we went to the store and bought some stuff for our fabulous home-cooked meal that we made together.

We sauteed mushrooms and red onion in an herb-infused EVOO.

 The BF handled the cooking of the fish. Red Snapper (that he caught!) grilled in...yes, EVOO.

We put all of the above on cheese tortellini and topped it with chopped tomato and banana peppers. And, what seafood pasta dish is complete without garlic bread. YUM! We also found an AMAZING sparkling white wine. I had one glass...and the boy finished off the bottle! He loved it!

I start my new job tomorrow. I am so excited to be working full time, making more money, and living life to the fullest with my two fave boys!

I did a little research into what the island has to offer and I found some exciting things - there is an intramural softball team that meets each Tuesday that me and the BF are joining (we learned this from talking to the locals). Also, I found the church I will attend, and I am so excited that it is right up the road from where I am living. I've checked out the times for Sunday School classes, and there is a women's group that meets each Wednesday evening.

My research also revealed.....wait for it, wait for it....there is a running club here!!! All of the things that are so important in my life are available here! I would have never thought. And to be able to share this time in my life with the most amazing man I've ever met in my life is AWESOME!

I'll keep you posted on how my first day of work goes!

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