Sunday, May 16, 2010

Out of Love

Here I church, after several weeks away. I made a covenant during Lent to find myself here each Sunday. After breaking this covenant, and after a month of asking God to forgive me, I finally accepted that He had.

I'm not here out of guilt or a need to feel that God is close. I'm not here out of duty or habit.

I'm here out of love, love for my Father and the many blessings He has graciously given me. I'm here out of love for Regina, the associate pastor and friend, who has held my hand through the roughest of times. I'm here out of love for other believers who are here for the same reasons as I. And...I'm here out of love for myself, because it is here that I allow myself to be held, and to be comforted and calmed, by my Creator.

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