Friday, May 28, 2010

Livin' Raw, Feelin' Good

I am on day 5 of my raw food diet, and I am feeling fantastic! Maybe it's all of the new nutrients I am getting or maybe it's just knowing I am making positive choices about what I put in my body...either way, I feel terrific.

My mood is elevated and my energy and zest for life is at an all-time high. My exercise has consisted of walking my dog, running, and the occassional workout on the elliptical. I am trying new recipes, keeping my apartment (especially the kitchen) clean and tidy, and have enjoyed my week.

I got a boost in my motivation on Wednesday, when I was invited to float the river this Saturday. Me + Bikini = Operation Slim Down! I have been eating nothing but salads and smoothies (with the occasional pb&j thrown in) and have felt surprisingly quite satisfied.

Speaking of smoothies, I have perfected my smoothie into the most amazing smoothie ever (yes I am partial, but you better believe it is good!)

delish smoothie"Reason to Get-Out-of-Bed" Smoothie
one cup almond milk
one banana
four large strawberries
large scoop of peanut butter
sprinkle of cinnamon

I've drank about 5 of these this week, and I encourage you to do the same. This smoothie satisfies my sweet tooth and urge to pig out.

berry oatmealBerry Oatmeal
I blended up blueberries with instant whole oats, and the result was not as tasty as I expected. I topped it with raspberries, which helped a little, but an ingredient was noticably missing, I'm just not sure which one.
I will work to perfect this recipe because I have the feeling I can come up with something delicious.

saladMixed Greens with "Knock Your Citrus Socks Off" Vinaigrette
half of a cucumber
half of a green bell pepper
handful of cilantro
lots of pepper and kosher salt

I marinated this for half a day with citrus vinaigrette. So good!

pickle snoconeAnd no diet (or life) is complete without a pickle juice snocone! I was craving a snack last night, and remembered the snocone stand up the street. I didn't want a sugar-filled flavor, so I chose fresh, all natural pickle juice as my topping. Best.Thing.Ever.

As you can see from my last few posts, I have spent this week focused on my new diet. Focusing on something aside from my depression and circumstance has really helped my mood, and the fact that my focus is on healthy eating and exercise makes it all the better. I am really glad I decided to try out this new way of eating.'s on with the weekend!

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