Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm a great catch!

So, I went on a date. And on this date I realized a lot of really great things, one of which being...I'm a great catch!

The date was with a fellow Christian, which was very refreshing. We talked a bit about our faith, and it was nice to share our beliefs with one another. I felt very comfortable talking about my life, my work, my family, etc. I didn't feel like I was trying to hide who I was. We talked about some of our crazy family members, and I felt really comfortable being honest about who I am and where I came from. We also talked about our not-so-crazy family members, and I felt very grateful for the healthy, loving people I have in my life.

All in all, I had a terrific time and I could totally see how much I have transformed while on my journey. I do believe that I am at a point in my life where I would consider beginning a relationship with the right person, and this is very exciting to me!

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