Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Coming to terms...

with who I was. And who I was,
…was a bitter girl who hated herself, who wanted to leave this world and all of the pain it caused her.
…was a broken girl who found love through men who wanted her body, men who didn’t care anything about her but what pleasure she could provide them.
…was a fearful girl who sought peace and comfort through drugs and alcohol, a lost girl who would rather deal with all of the chaos drugs and alcohol caused than deal with the chaos of her sad life.
…was a liar, trying to deceive others and herself of the pain that rested inside her.
…was a cheater, an uncommitted fool who hurt others to fool them from finding out who she really was.
…was broken, beaten down, bitter, fearful, despairing, lost, untrusting, unloved and unloving.

I am coming to terms with who I was and am coming to know who I am.
Who I am is a beautiful woman with a heart big enough to love others and herself.
Who I am is an insightful, young lady with ideas and thoughts to share with others.
Who I am is a trusting, trustful flower, blooming inside with every day that passes.
Who I am is a loyal and kind friend, who exhibits these qualities most when she is with her beloved dog.
Who I am is a secure Live Oak, steady in my beliefs, in my outer appearance, and in the inner-uniqueness that is Kristin.
Who I am is forgiving and hopeful, because the past is just that and the future is always bright.
Who I am is an extension of who I was, like a butterfly that changes with time only to become more beautiful, brighter, and free.
Who I am is a child of God, and who I am is all that matters.

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  1. Congratulations on your wonderful transformation from caterpillar into butterfly, though deep down I'm sure you were a butterfly all along.