Wednesday, April 14, 2010

When you find out your ex is married with a baby on the way and you're still getting drunk in bars...

you pick yourself up.

you pray for strength.

you stop thinking "what could have been" and you get honest about how shitty the relationship was.

you burn something, preferably a photo of you and him together, if you haven't burned them all already.

you cry.

you crack open that bottle of liquor that has been sitting in your cabinet for months.

you look around at your apartment and the books you've read and the books you are reading, and you feel proud of who you are.

you text message all of your old boyfriends (minus the married one) asking if they would like to get together sometime to "catch up".

you pour out the glass of liquor and grab a bottled water, because it's healthier.

you ask God to take away your newly returned heartache.

you swear off guys and consider playing for the other team.

you realize your ex is married to a member of the other team, and you hate them, too.

you pray no one reads your text messages.

you complete a record number of items on your bucket list.

you yawn because it's late and you have a big day tomorrow.

you pick yourself up, and you move on.

picking up the pieces

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  1. oh kristin I'm so sorry!! Still, your writing makes me laugh. Hey, you still have your humor... ;)